Playboy TV content played on children’s television

BBC News reports that adult content from Playboy was accidentally played out on children’s TV.

TV bosses in the US have apologised after preview clips of the Playboy channel were accidentally played out on two children’s channels.

“We’re very, very sorry it happened – we know parents are concerned,” spokesman Keith Poston told local news station WRAL.

“It took about an hour or so once we were notified of the problem to actually get it fixed.

“It was a technical glitch and unfortunately it hit at the worst possible time on the worst possible channels,” he added.

The error occurred on the Kids On Demand and Kids Preschool On Demand channels where clips from Playboy TV appeared in the top right hand corner.

I suppose it could have been a glitch, but if it was then it was by accident the worst possible mix up of TV programming possible.

Also it seems to have taken quite a while for it to have been fixed once they had been notified. Could they not have simply taken the entire channel off the air?

It seems more likely to me that this was a deliberate and malicious act by somebody, perhaps a disgruntled former employee, that has access to the computer system used to automate the process of putting content on air.

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