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Lucie Jones shock exit from the X-Factor

A lot of people are shocked by the result of this week’s show and are angry at Simon Cowell’s decision to keep John and Edward despite his harsh criticism of them for the past couple of months.

I’m shocked that Lucie was even in the bottom two as she is clearly the best girl in the competition and I think in the top 3 of all the contestants. However I wasn’t surprised with Cowell’s vote once she was in the bottom two because in spite of what people think this is a popularity contest not a talent contest.

Cowell knows this and this is why in situation like this he always votes to cause a deadlock so that it comes down to the public vote. He’s in the business of selling records and the person that sells the most isn’t necessarily the most talented person in the competition it is the most popular.

I don’t think that it really as simple as that though as previous years have shown that the winner will not be consistently

Finally I think Simon Cowell has his eyes on John and Edward releasing a massive selling novelty Christmas record.

By Matt Wharton

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