MS-DOS Mobile for Windows phone

Amongst the swathe of unfunny April’s Fools jokes from corporations yesterday was a pretty detailed and humorous one (well at least for computer geeks like me) from Microsoft.

MS-DOS Mobile, a new app designed to bring the C:\ prompt to Windows phones.


The blurb on Lumia Conversations about the release of this app brought a smile to my face.

Daniel Glass who led design on the project, said:

“Turning our back on graphics was hugely liberating. We’ve dropped the resolution, and in doing so re-discovered our roots.”

“The inspiration for the graphical design is Courier New meets film noir.”

A lot of work has gone into this app, you can browse the directory structure, launch apps, play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors against Cortana and there’s even a camera app offering fantastic low resolution modes.

DOS-2015-04-02 12_25_23Z

Via Thurrot

First look at the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820

Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph gives us the first look of the Nokia phones that will be launched with Windows Phone 8.

All in all, I’m seriously impressed with the new Lumias, both inside and out. Design-wise, they’re a nice evolution of the iconic design that Nokia introduced in the Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 – solid, ergonomic, and comfortable. And inside, they’ve added technology like PureView and PureMotion HD+ that offer up real, tangible benefits like smoother, faster, more responsive navigation and professional grade photos. Combined with the power of Windows Phone 8, they’re really something special.