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GamerGate: A monster the industry itself created – Anita Sarkeesian

I agree with Anita Sarkeesian on a lot of things regarding the gaming industry, I’d welcome more diversity and recognise that there is a preponderance for sexist tropes within games, but she can be such a troll sometimes. I think that the following would be more accurate, but it’s not a divisive and likely to cause negative reaction as what she said.

GamerGate is a monster born out of some male gamers thinking that they’re the center of the universe and that the industry should be catering exclusively to their every whim.

Even that would not be entirely accurate as it is only representative of how those who are anti-gamergate view the movement.

Twitter is such a bad medium for these types of discussions as the 140 character limit means that accuracy and subtlety of language is sacrificed in the name of brevity.


Red Dead Redemption sequel is coming

Take-Two (which owns Rockstar Games) CEO Strauss Zelnick whilst discussing business results gave a major hint that a sequel to Red Dead Redemption could be in the works and likely to be released in 2014.

Speaking during Take-Two’s Q1 FY14 earnings results last night, Zelnick stated that the publisher’s goal is “to try to create permanent franchises”, before referencing BioShock, Borderlands and Red Dead.

(Via IGN and VideoGamer)



LA Noire

Today is the UK release date for the much anticipated game LA Noire and following the review in The Guardian earlier this week it is one that is very much on my to buy list.

However I won’t be buying it yet not because of the reported problems of consoles overheating when playing the game but because it would distract me a hell of a lot from the studying I should be doing.

In the meantime I will have to experience it vicariously through players comments on Reddit’s The first few hours of LA Noire


24 Hours Marston – Webcomic

This is so brilliant.

24 Hours Marston


John Marston and son.

Fantastic video game-inspired works by artist Emily Carroll. My favourite is this piece inspired by Red Dead Redemption. [via]


Assassin’s Creed cityscape


One Button Arthur

One-Button Arthur: Puzzles, quick thinking, and a lot of clicks.

683 clicks in my case.

Those charge up to jump ones are a killer.


Monaco is mine

Monaco is the winner of the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the 2010 Independent Games Festival.

It looks and sounds like a cool and interesting game, unfortunately no word on when it will be available.

Steal from the rich, keep it for yourself! Monaco is a 4-player co-op crime caper inspired by classic French heist movies and set in modern day Monte Carlo.


The company of myself – poignant melancholic game

The company of myself is wonderful and a heartbreaking experience. [via]


The Sims Mafia and negative public karma

I’m intrigued by this story of extortion of gamers via their reputation in The Sims Online. [via]

Good explanation of the pitfalls of systems that employ negative public karma.