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Dad friendly baby change facilities

Al from the Dad Network has launched a campaign to get British businesses to provide Dad friendly baby change facilities. He highlights the fact that dads change nappies too and have been for a long time and yet many British businesses still only provide changing facilities in the women’s public toilets.

This is a major issue for me too as Amy works weekends so I’m Lyra’s sole carer for a lot of the time. Not only that, I will often be the one to change Lyra when all three of us are out together. So finding a place to change Lyra has proved a problem sometimes and there’s been occasions that I’ve had to change her on the floor of the gent’s toilet or if Amy is with us return and apologize that she has to do it yet again as there’s no dad friendly facilities. So it just ends up creating an inequality in the nappy changing duties that is not of my making and Amy’s meal goes cold and I’m left feeling inadequate.

Please read Al’s blog post Dad’s can’t change their baby’s nappy in major UK restaurant chains.

It’s not all bad news though as there are a number of businesses that do have great unisex baby changing facilities, and the Dad Network is helping dads discover these places.

If you’re a dad whose found himself in a similar predicament please check out the Dad Friendly Facilities page at the Dad Network site which features a map of Dad Friendly and Dad Un-Friendly locations and if you know of any near you then you can submit them to be added to the map. The South West is looking pretty empty so I’ll be making sure to add some places as I visit them this year.

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