Ross Kemp in Afghanistan – embedded with British soldiers

Having been immersed in the lives of the US Marine First Recon Battalion for the past seven weeks I felt at a loose end when the miniseries Generation Kill ended.

I loved Generation Kill, appreciated its realism and because it was based upon accounts of real events it was extremely close to being a documentary. Thanks to Amazon’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” feature I found a similar series but from a British point of view, the documentary series Ross Kemp in Afghanistan.

This five part series sees actor and investigative journalist Ross Kemp and a tiny film crew embedded with the Royal Anglian Regiment’s 1st Battalion (The Vikings) who were deployed to Helmand Province in 2007.

It’s viewable online at YouTube, but if you can buy the DVD do so because some of the profits of each sale go to the Army Benevolent Fund.

Bloody excellent documentary that makes you appreciate the sacrifice that British soldiers are making in defeating the Taliban.

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