Election day 2010

Well I’ve gone and cast my vote in the local community centre and was stuck behind a woman who was not allowed to vote because she was a foreign national I think and a little old lady who was casting a proxy vote for a friend and was a bit confused about how to go about it.

For the first time in along time I don’t feel like I’m wasting my vote as I’ve moved from a safe Tory constituency to Bath which is a relatively safe Liberal Democrat seat. There was some worry that the bloke that David Cameron parachuted in might sway some of the electorate but Don Foster has campaigned well and has attracted a lot of the young voters. There has apparently been record numbers of students registering to vote here.

On a national scale though I’m a little depressed as it seems that the Tories might get a majority or near as damn it that they can do a deal with Ulster Unionist party.

By Matt Wharton

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