Is there any nudity in this post?

I’ve noticed recently on the forums at and IMDB the prevalence of questions asking if there is any nudity in the show or movie. Although a Google search for the phrase “Is there any nudity in this” only brings up only 985 hits.

With the easy accesibility of porn on the internet it is likely all parents or puritans rather than omolagnics that are asking. For example Dohfull on the Entourage forum.

I need to know if it’s appropriate for a 14 year old to watch. I know about the cursing.


Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia

BBC News: Human heads dumped in Mexico bar

Armed, masked men have burst into a bar in Mexico and flung five human heads onto a crowded dance floor, in an apparent warning to a rival drug gang.

Bloody hell! Truth really is stranger than fiction.


Peter Sellers: Man of accents

The ever-changing accent of Peter Sellers as he travels round London and the British Isles transitioning from one to another. [via]

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Review: Shanghai Knights

Shanghai Knights

It’s very silly and hugely inaccurate but I do love the Shanghai Knights.

I find the bit where Lin kills Jack the Ripper very funny and Aidan Gillen as Lord Nelson Rathbone makes a very wondefully sadistic villain. It is one of my favourite Jackie Chan movies.

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Who will watch the Watchmen?

I read at the weekend in Empire magazine that the production of the movie adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s classic graphic novel Watchmen is back on.

The producers clearly have a lot of respect for the material but they simply cannot have an understanding of why it works so well if they believe they can turn it into a movie.

I think it is basically unfilmable as it is impossible to capture the essence of it in any other form that that for which is was written.

They will no doubt be able to get the basic story on celluloid but what makes the comic so great will almost certainly be lost.

I was trying to explain it to my brother and it is basically that there are certain pieces in various different media that in transferring from one medium to another would lose their essence.

Un Chien Andalou for example could not possibly work as a short story.

The words of Zack Snyder director of 300 who has also been lined up to direct Watchmen give me some comfort.

I want to make this movie, it’ll be awesome to make it but I need to be convinced that it will be worth making, that we have respect for the thing. I’m going to wait and see right now – I’m the biggest sceptic!

But don’t read too much into that – the hope is to start filming next year, once the screenplay has been cracked. “I haven’t seen anything yet that makes me think that we’re any closer to it,” added Snyder. “Everyone says ‘I respect the source material’ but I think what Hollywood misses and what we need to think about is what is the book about? What does it mean? It’s easy to get caught up in the mechanics of the script and the mechanics of the movie.

I believe that it might be possible to make a wonderful adaptation of Watchmen but I have no idea how that can be accomplished and have no faith that anyone will be able accomplish it.

It would I believe require complete deconstruction of it and then for it to be utterly rebuilt from the ground up with the narrative techniques that are unique to comics replaced with some film making techniques.

Watchmen is an analysis of what it is to be a superhero but also a deconstruction of what comic books about superheroes are. Perhaps a movie version could be a deconstruction of superhero movies in some way. I’m still not convinced that we are going to get anything like that, this will probably be yet another awful adaptation of a Moore comic but there is a one in a million chance that it might be a movie masterpiece.


Chad Vader – Day shift manager

This is a damn good parody. I hope they make further episodes.

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Review: Thank You For Smoking

Thank You For Smoking

A satirical comedy on the machinations of the tobacco industry it stars Aaron Eckhart as Nick Naylor a spin doctor and spokesman for the The Academy of Tobacco Studies.

Aaron Eckhart’s character is brilliant he almost had me convinced that I should buy a pack of cigarettes when I left the cinema.

The great state of Vermont will not apologise for its cheese!

Brilliantly black comedy. I love the way that you never actually see anyone smoke in the movie as well.

I also watched Russian Ark yesterday, well about half of it. Jeez that’s a fucking boring piece of pretentious bollocks. I think my major problem with it was the character of the French diplomat, he was incredibly annoying and sapped any enjoyment I may have had.


I’ll eat you up, I love you so…

Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak was one of my favourite books as a young child if not my very favourite.

I readily identified with Max and his wolf costume, and the wild things themselves were fascinating and a little scary.

“And the wild things roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws”.

I’ve discovered that this children’s classic is to be made into a motion picture and will be directed by Spike Jonze. Perfect.


Emilio Estevez: Man at work

I was wondering whilst watching a video of the movie Men at Work, which my brother had bought for £1.99 at Oxfam, what the hell is Emilio Estevez up to these days?

Well apparently he’s working on a movie which like Men at Work he’s written and directed.

Bobby is the story of the assassination of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy, on June 6th, 1968, which centers around 22 people who were at the Ambassador Hotel where he was killed.

I’ve been fascinated by this assassination to an even greater extent than that of his brother.

But unlike Men at Work it does not appear to star his brother it does however star his father amongst many others.

It really is an amazing cast list. Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Elijah Wood, Laurence Fishburne, Heather Graham, Helen Hunt, William H. Macy and Christian Slater.

Plus teen favourites like Joshua Jackson, Ashton Kutcher, Shia LaBeouf and Lindsay Lohan possibly seeking a bit of prestige by starring in a serious movie like this.

This is an amazing coincidence that my brother finds a cheap video of a film we enjoyed as teenagers and it leads me to look up what Emilio Estevez is up to only to discover he’s doing a movie about a subject that really interests me.


China bans Da vinci Code

According to BBC News the movie The Da Vinci Code has been withdrawn from cinemas in China.

Officials in the country said the move was to make way for local Chinese films to be shown during the peak summer viewing period.

But others say the ban may have been implemented because of the religious content of the film.

The BBC’s Quentin Sommerville in Beijing said there had been speculation that the film was proving too popular with Chinese Christians.

Bizarre that a movie that has been attacked by Christians in the West is banned by China because it is too popular with Christians.