Constantine teaser trailer

Just seen the teaser trailer for the new Keanu Reeves film Constantine based upon the comic Hellblazer published by DC. The trailer is available here at Straight to Hell.

Initially reaction is Constant-een (WTF I’ve always pronounced it Constant-I-ne) but then I got into it, I quite liked it.

But if I had seen it and not known what is was supposedly based on I would never have guessed it had any connection to Hellblazer.

Rachel Weisz’s character seems pregnant, is it with the Devil’s child I hope not. It’s becoming more like a remake of End of Days rather than an adaptation of Hellblazer.

IMDb’s page for Constantine.


Ninja no Gaiden

I tried to buy Ninja Gaiden yesterday but I couldn’t because it doesn’t go on sale until Friday.

Arse, I felt like such a fool and the twelve year old kid that was serving behind the counter mocked me and my stupid twentysomething lack of knowledge of all things video gamey. That didn’t really happen it just flashed through my head at the time.


Clive Sinclair has no hair…

but he launched a generation of computer geeks in Britain. If you are in the mood for some reminiscence of simpler times where 48k of memory was ample why not check out Hey, hey, 16K.

Do we really miss the games such as Jet Set Willy and Dizzy where the trick was to manoeuvre with pixel-point precision in order to complete the game? Maybe not, they were fun at the time but having to complete the same movement but incrementally better the next time is just not fun anymore.

Having said that Chuckie Egg is still fucking fantastic and I still can be found playing using a Speccy emulator on my PC.

I’ll tell you what I do fucking miss the prices. Premium games such as Robocop or Operation wolf would be £9.99, but there was also a huge selection of budget games to be had for £1.99 or £2.99 many of them being completely new games and not just rereleases of older games. I used to have hundreds of games for my Spectrum but now my game collection for my PC and Xbox is barely in double figures and I probably spent far more money on them than I did for my entire Speccy collection.

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The return of Andy Kaufman?

Did Andy Kaufman fake his death? Will he return 20 years to the day after he ‘died’?

Find out on May 16, 2004, Comic Relief, the charity organization Bob Zmuda founded in 1985, will present . . . something. Something secretive, something at House of Blues on Sunset Strip. Title: Andy Kaufman — Dead or Alive?

Read more about the upcoming show and a profile of the life and comedy of Andy here at LA Weekly.

I think the spirit of Andy Kaufman has been taken up by the screenwriter Charlie Kaufman they seem to share a passion for the dadaesque comedy that treads the line between hilarious and inexplicable.

The invention of an imaginary twin brother is something I could imagine Andy Kaufman doing.

Weird fact: Andy shares the same birthday with Jim Carrey, who plays him in the film Man on the Moon (1999).

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