The return of Andy Kaufman?

Did Andy Kaufman fake his death? Will he return 20 years to the day after he ‘died’?

Find out on May 16, 2004, Comic Relief, the charity organization Bob Zmuda founded in 1985, will present . . . something. Something secretive, something at House of Blues on Sunset Strip. Title: Andy Kaufman — Dead or Alive?

Read more about the upcoming show and a profile of the life and comedy of Andy here at LA Weekly.

I think the spirit of Andy Kaufman has been taken up by the screenwriter Charlie Kaufman they seem to share a passion for the dadaesque comedy that treads the line between hilarious and inexplicable.

The invention of an imaginary twin brother is something I could imagine Andy Kaufman doing.

Weird fact: Andy shares the same birthday with Jim Carrey, who plays him in the film Man on the Moon (1999).

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By Matt Wharton

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