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World Cup: Group E

Two really outstanding matches in Group E today.

Ghana v Czech Republic
Bloody hell what a hell of a match that was. Following the Czech’s first game I thought they would beat their African opponents relatively easily. How wrong could I have been? I had underestimated Ghana totally and they were simply wonderful on the pitch today and ripped open the Czech defence in a way that the US just simply didn’t manage in the first match.

USA v Italy
The US really held it together with only 9 men and deserved the draw for definite and I was hoping one of their attacks would result in a goal and they won it.

The effort they put in today was great.

The group really is wide open which is rare and anyone can qualify. Unfortunately no chance of both USAS and Ghana going through though as based on their respective matches today they both deserve to.

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World Cup: Volzy

German footballer Moritz Volz has a great sense of humour and his own website.

Plus being German he has devoted a section of his site to The Hoff.

Being German, I love David Hasselhoff. It’s actually the law back in the Motherland. For me the Hoff is almost like some kind of higher spirit. Hoff-ness is everywhere. The Hoff is a big inspiration – in times of trouble I often ask myself “how would the Hoff deal with this situation…?”

See the old stereotype about Germans is not true. I hope he has a good World Cup it’ll be a shame that his team will probably lose to Argentina in the Quarter-finals.

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World Cup: USA v Czech Republic

There were some good points to the US team’s game today but they were well and truly outplayed by an outstanding Czech team and the amazing talent of Rosicky.

Rosicky is the player to watch this World Cup I think.

Eddie Johnson looked dangerous and with a bit of luck and some better delivery to him a win against Italy is possible I think. The US face a hard task here but it ain’t over yet.

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England not for Scolari

BBC Sport: Luiz Felipe Scolari will not be next England manager.

His decision, which he said stemmed from media pressure, has led to severe criticism of the Football Association’s handling of the search for a new coach.

Scolari said: “The English FA is going to choose a name. My name isn’t one of them because I’m closing this matter.”

The Brazilian, the coach of Portugal, said he had been shocked by intrusion into his life by the English media.

“There are 20 reporters outside my house now,” said Scolari, who had been strongly tipped in this week’s media to become Sven-Goran Eriksson’s successor.

Looks like the FA have dropped the ball on this one and fucked the whole process up completly. I thought that it was almost definitely going to be Scolari that would take over after Sven-Goran Eriksson. But it is not to be.

Can’t say that I’m too disappointed though, I’ve had my doubts that he was really suited for the job. Not that his nationality is a problem for me, Sven being Swedish was never an issue for me, but the style of play of his previous jobs with Brazil and Portugal is very different to that of England.

It might have worked out but it really seems now that it won’t be happening.