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World Cup: Group E

Two really outstanding matches in Group E today.

Ghana v Czech Republic
Bloody hell what a hell of a match that was. Following the Czech’s first game I thought they would beat their African opponents relatively easily. How wrong could I have been? I had underestimated Ghana totally and they were simply wonderful on the pitch today and ripped open the Czech defence in a way that the US just simply didn’t manage in the first match.

USA v Italy
The US really held it together with only 9 men and deserved the draw for definite and I was hoping one of their attacks would result in a goal and they won it.

The effort they put in today was great.

The group really is wide open which is rare and anyone can qualify. Unfortunately no chance of both USAS and Ghana going through though as based on their respective matches today they both deserve to.

By Matt Wharton

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