Appalling violent computer game advert shocks cinema goer

A recent comment I spotted in the comments book of the Little Theatre cinema.

It’s obscene to advertise such an appalling/violent computer game – I am surprised that the Little Theatre supports the encouragement of killing other humans.

The advertisement in question was for the game Medal of Honor: Airborne, a World War II first-person shooter. I personally believe that there is no substantive difference between advertising a game like this and screening a movie like Saving Private Ryan.

In any case the cinema has little control over which adverts actually get screened and obviously does not advocate or endorse the killing of people, however unlike some of our customers we are aware that there is a difference between the killing of humans in real life and on the silver screen or a computer monitor.

By Matt Wharton

Matt Wharton is a dad, vlogger and IT Infrastructure Consultant. He was also in a former life a cinema manager.

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