Africa’s magnificent predators

Nathan Myhrvold, former Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft, has posted a fascinating and gory photo essay of Lions he saw on a recent trip to Botswana.

The result is a very different view of Lions to that you get on typical wildlife tv shows.

Lions are not polite eaters—they grab as much as they can for themselves in a pretty direct competition with the other lions. Usually one of the pride males shows up and when he does the females give it him a very berth—he can attack or maim them at any moment. If they want to eat close to him they approach carefully and try to mollify him with some social greeting and flirting. Cubs are usually a bit more tolerated by the male, but even they risk pushing too far. Cubs are quite enthusiastic eaters and seem to love a carcrass. Some enterprising cubs actually crawl inside the carcass and eat it from the inside out, leaving them drenched in blood afterward.

An interesting companion piece to the Battle of Kruger video viewable of course on YouTube.

By Matt Wharton

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