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World Cup: Another awful English performance

Now that was without doubt the worst performance of any Englishman on the football pitch this World Cup and no I’m not talking about the team this time I’m talking about the referee of the Australia v Croatia match Mr. Graham Poll.

I think that’s saying something given the dire fucking shite that our team has been at times in their matches that I consider his performance that bad but it really was. I’m so glad that Australia were able to come back and equalise again and finish the match 2-2 and thus proceed to the next stage as they came close to being robbed due to the incompetence of Poll.

Two clear penalties were not given one for a deliberate handball which seemed more obvious to me than the handball that he gave a penalty for earlier. Plus one awful tackle that was appropriate for a rugby match that he missed also.

Not to mention his fucking up of carding Simunic who ended the game with three yellow cards and a red card. Apparently Poll explains this as the first card we think given to Simunic was actually given to the player Simic but I think he’s compounded his mistake there by trying to cover his ass and actually just ends up looking an ass. That’s because he forgets that Simic actually did pick up two yellow cards from Poll in the match and thus a red so either way Poll has given three yellow cards to one of them.

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