I Havana no US Dollars

ABC News: Cuba Moves to Stop Trade in U.S. Dollars

Moving to wean its communist economic system from the U.S. currency, Cuba said that dollars will no longer be accepted at island businesses and stores in a dramatic change in how commercial transactions have been done here in more than a decade.

The Cuban move is in response to the US sanctions which the US government is trying to strengthen in order to starve the small communist island of dollars. This move is designed to undermine Fidel Castro’s government.

I really cannot understand why the US is continuing with this dogmatic approach to Cuba, are the few Cubano votes in Florida really worth the bother of maintaining sanctions. With the collapse of the Soviet Union over a decade ago surely even the most paranoid neoconservative cannot believe that Cuba still poses a threat.

Perhaps the best solution would be a hands off approach and through allowing American tourists and businesses to go to Cuba they can destabilise the communist regime via the backdoor so to speak. A similar effect to this is actually occurring in Vietnam, by doing nothing the US government is unintentionally being more successful in their goal of defeating communism than they were in the Vietnam War.


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