Man on the roof in Bath city centre

A crowd has gathered outside the cinema at the moment, but unfortunately they are not here to see a film.

Instead they are looking up at the roof of a tall building near us where a man has stripped off some of his clothes and is threatening to jump.

At least I think he is threatening to jump as he is mostly shouting abuse and it’s hard to tell what he’s actually saying. The police are in attendance but the bloke doesn’t want to speak to their negotiator.

It’s all a bit ghoulish.

Update 16:31 GMT: It’s all over apparently. The police have removed the cordon they put up blocking off access to Hot Bath street and most of St. Michael’s Place. The ghouls have gone away as have the photographers and cameramen from the local media. And I no longer need to explain to virtually every single one of our customers what the hell everyone is staring at.

By Matt Wharton

Matt Wharton is a dad, vlogger and IT Infrastructure Consultant. He was also in a former life a cinema manager.

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