Maths can be fun – if only it’s taught properly

Mathematics should be one of the most useful subjects children learn in school – yet thousands leave school each year unable to use simple mathematical methods. Or, worse, they are traumatised by their experiences in maths classes. However Maths can be fun – if only it’s taught properly.

I think Clifford Stoll is the kinda guy that can make mathematics fun for the typical student.

Is the Universe Actually Made of Math?

Unconventional cosmologist Max Tegmark says mathematical formulas create reality.

I think Tegmark is correct about this and I’ve been thinking along similar lines for years that the more you look at the universe the more you can break it down into its constituent parts and at the bottom of it all is just mathematics.

Similarly I think consciousness will be discovered to be an effect of quantum entanglement and parallel universes.

20/20 in a maths quiz

How smart are you?

I never failed to score perfect marks on maths quizzes at school so it didn’t surprise me that I scored 20/20 here. I still don’t understand why people just don’t see mathematical equations the same as me, the answers appear so obvious to my eyes. My mathematics teachers would always tell me to put my ‘workings out’ on the exam papers when answering the questions as I’d score marks up to the point I made the mistake, seemed irrelevant to me.