How to forgive

The more I learn of George Takei of Star Trek and Heroes fame the more I grow to love the guy. His contribution to this list of the 50 Things You Need to Know by 50 was on how to forgive.

After the war my mother and father couldn’t find housing, and I had a teacher who called me “little Jap boy.” That stung. But my parents taught me that being bitter only pickles the one that stews in the brine. Good advice.

Wise words.

Heroes: How to Stop an Exploding Man

The finale was a good solid episode with a few really bloody fantastic moments.

The whole ‘How do you stop an exploding man?’ thing resolved exactly how I thought it would with Nathan to the rescue, like my friend Trace I saw this happening half a season ago.

Loved it when Ando said Hiro looked badass and Hiro’s response to that.

Molly Walker’s mention of a man that scares her even more than Sylar.

Nikki smacking the shit out of Sylar and then Peter presumably absorbed her super-strength was cool and if the blood trail to the manhole is any indication we may yet get the full on Peter vs Sylar showdown we were missing here.

Hiro in 17th century Japan. Hells yeah!

Cannot possibly wait until the second season. If only I could time travel to the future like Hiro.

Heroes: Parasite


I can’t wait that long.

I just knew Ando would be back. Perfect piece of sidekicking, get the hero’s back without even telling him he’s doing it.

The scene of Claire meeting Mama Petrelli was awesome. Is she part of the group that includes Linderman and Hiro’s dad? Or was her husband? She seems to be acting against their interests in any case and has brought the Haitian over to her side.

I’m betting that Simone’s dad was part of this group also and that we’ll get to see Richard Roundtree again in some flashbacks, I thought it odd that he would appear so briefly in the two episodes he was in.

Again April 23rd!!! I have to wait until then to see the fight between Sylar and Peter. I really do hope it lives up to my expectations.

Heroes: Company Man

Holy Mothering Hell!

Company Man was a superb episode, this is probably the best episode of the series so far.

You might be glad to know that Ted and Matt aren’t even mind-numbingly boring in it, but the episode really belongs to Jack Coleman as Mr. Bennett he was superlative.

The writers of Lost could take some tips from Heroes here this is how you write flashbacks that are both answering questions the viewers have and posing yet more questions for them.

We get introduced to Mr. Bennett’s boss played by Eric Roberts and I’m pretty sure that he ain’t Linderman as he seemed like he was answerable to someone higher in the Company.

George Takei is back as Hiro’s dad and his presence in the flashback opens up whole new possibilities. I’m pretty sure he’s not Linderman either but is probably the Japanese equivalent. Is Hiro adopted? If not does his father suspect he might develop powers?

George Takei Rules

No fucking idea who Tim Hardaway is but George Takei’s response to Hardaway’s homophobic comments is bloody hilarious. As one YouTube commenter writes

See, this is it. This is exactly it. This is how the world should work. If someone does something to upset you or something along those lines, respond with good natured comedy and not anger. Takei is a good man for doing this. I wish most of the world could be this way.

A surpisingly intelligent comment for YouTube there.

Peter Petrelli’s Powers

The latest episode of Heroes was fantastic and things really seem to be heating up.

The development of Peter’s powers has been brilliant. He’s gone from having an interesting but relatively useless power, when it was thought that he could only mimic those powers of people he was in proximity to or had just been in contact with, to being probably the most powerful individual of all now that he can access all the powers of those people he’s come in contact with and possibly the only guy who can possibly stop Sylar.

Hana, Matt and Ted’s confrontation with Mr. Bennett at the end is yet to play out and one wonders what Claire will make of encountering yet more people with powers who like her are very pissed off with her father.

And finally it was a great shame to see Ando go but I predict he will return, his relationship with Hiro and the way they interact is too good a thing to be cast aside.